About Melaka

The State of Melaka is also known as the Historic State of Melaka or the State of Hang Tuah. The state of Melaka is small on the map but it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Malaysia among locals and foreigners. The city of Melaka was also listed as one of the states under the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008 because it has many historical sites of high value as well as having a mix of interesting cultures to explore such as the Peranakan or Baba Nyonya cultures. It is a city where history blends in with the modern world, making it a great travel experience. Melaka is known for its historical destinations and uniqueness of its building structures.

Many are keen in Malacca because of the diversity of cultural richness that consists of different races or communities that are living in harmony such as Malay, Chinese, Indian, Portuguese, Chitty, and Kristang.

In a country that heavily relies on tourism, Melaka provides to the regular travelling needs such as accommodation, shopping, family entertainme, dining, and so on for people visiting for a holiday in the Historic State. As Malaysia is a hot and humid country, it is recommended to get a rental car or take a local trishaw to relax around the historic city amid the humid weather.