Giveaway terms & conditions

Giveaways Terms & Conditions These Giveaways Terms and Conditions can also be found in User Terms & Conditions under 7. Giveaways and were last updated on 15th Jan 2021. Each VIVER shall be eligible to enter into yearly giveaways organized by VIVIFY. The giveaway is open to all VIVERs with a valid Account. It is not open […]

Giveaways 2021

Vivify Giveaways 2021 Enjoy Exclusive Perks. Get Rewarded for it! Utilize Tokens by redeeming offers at Vivify Merchant outlets or Vivify Events and Earned Entries to Vivify Giveaways. 1 Token Utilized = 1 Entry Earned *T&C Apply Utilized Tokens now and increase you chance to win cash voucher up to RM 500 every 3 months. […]