Calanthe Art Cafe

Forget Starbucks when you’re in Malacca, and head to one of the best coffee places in the city, Calanthe Art Cafe. Located in a narrow alley just off the well-known Jonker Street, the cafe is like a quiet oasis, even though the decor doesn’t quite say the same thing – it is vibrantly furnished, with […]

Waronk Avenue

Located just along Sungai Melaka, this two-storey eatery has people flocking over for their delicious variety of food and views. Whether it’s spicy Asam Pedas or juicy chendol, you can indulge yourself in any of their Malay, Chinese or Western cuisine (They serve up to 200 dishes to be exact) and all of it can […]

Orchard Go-Daddy Nature Safari

Affordable, comfortable and natural are the secret of making every camping and outing a huge success and Orchard “Go-Daddy” Nature Safari Camp is the perfect place for it. Whether it’s for a corporate event, team building, camping, gathering party, wedding, festival, or individual seeking to enjoy and experience what nature has to offer, we have […]

Roti Canai Kayu Arang

Based on our conversation with the owner, we found that roti canai cooked with ‘dapur arang’ is actually not something new. Actually they have been around for decades and have always been a popular spot for nearby residents to enjoy their breakfast. Shortly after that, they introduced a new product called Roti Nanchos, which went […]

Tipsy Bridge

A truly mesmerizing hole- in-the-wall type of beverage outlet. Located in Lorong Jambatan street that dates back to the ’20s (just after RC Hotel), the service and ambiance is fascinatingly attractive! The Mojito sold here was a true stress reliever after the rather hot and humid day in Melaka. Perfect place for hangout and drinks, […]

Warong Kopi Manggis Road

Famous for their “Kopi Pahlawan”, Warong Kopi Manggis Road is the absolute local’s favourite breakfast spot in Melaka. It’s located near Taman Klebang Besar and is about 10 minutes from the heart of Melaka. You can never miss out on their best-selling Roti Bangsawan dan Roti Temenggong. These one of a kind delicacies can only […]

Ee Ji Ban

Here, you must at least order 10 rice ball or the rice will come in the normal version. Slathered with soy sauce, the rice ball offers you a salty yet flavourful taste! And you really can’t image how yummy the chicken is. Both the roasted chicken and steamed chicken appear to be fleshier and bigger […]

Ikan Bakar Crystal Bay

If you are looking for something different than the usual Melaka famous food, this Ikan Bakar would probably be in your want-to-try list. It may not be the best around, but it is definitely best bang for buck although prices might seemed to be on the increasing trend every year. If you came earlier then […]

Cendol Kg Hulu

When you’re around Melaka, do not miss out this Cendol Kampung Hulu, Was Viral recently with their shave coconut ice. Even though Melaka is famous for kuih Keria, asam laksa and a lot more but Cendol is also one of the tradition food in Melaka too, There are many cendol shops in melaka no doubt […]

Rojak Ali Lido Kg Jawa

When it comes to Rojak in Melaka, leave it to the locals and tourists to know exactly where to go for the best ever. While Rojak Ali Lido seems to be a household name, yet another spot that serves the most amazing food ever has cropped-up – it’s an unnamed roadside stall along Jalan Pasar […]