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The most famous dessert in Melaka is cendol. The basic ingredients found in cendol are coconut milk, green jelly, ice, and Malacca sugar. Cendol can also be eaten with a combination of red beans, glutinous rice, black jelly, and corn it.

This cendol comes from the Thai word which at that time was known as the Islamic State of Patani “Chorn Dooi” which means help because at that time the process of making this cendol was very difficult and required a lot of help from others. But once conquered by the Kingdom of Thailand, so many people living there moved to the states in Malaya and introduced these drinks here.

The hot weather and climate in Malaysia make this sweetness often the main focus of Malaysians nowadays, especially visitors who always visit Melaka. Among the cendol that can be found in Melaka are ordinary cendol, glutinous cendol, durian cendol, and others.