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Trial Pass will only be available after successful mobile number verification. Trial Pass has a period of 1 month and comes equip with 3 Tokens (5 Tokens if a referral code is applied when activating a Pass). Tokens allow you to redeem exclusive offer vouchers available on the Vivify App during your Pass’ active period only. You are able to activate a Trial Pass for only ONE (1) time. Trial Pass is available only for those who have not activated any other Pass on their account.


Step 1

Verify your mobile number at

Me > Account > Mobile No.

Step 2

Tap on Buy Pass on Home or Me page.

Step 3

If you have a code, enter the code. Tap Apply and you will be able to see the additional reward in green.

Select Trial (30 days).

Tap on Buy.

Note: Trial Pass won’t be visible if the contact number is not verified.

Step 4

Voila! Your Pass has been activated.

You have 30 days to spend your Tokens!