𝗞𝘂𝗶𝗵 𝗦𝗮𝗴𝘂 𝗠𝗲𝗿𝗮𝗵!⁣

Resepi Kuih Sagu Merah | Kuih Sagu Mata Ikan | Kuih Sagu Delima⁣

2 cups sago⁣
4 cups water⁣
1 tablespoon of rose syrup starch⁣
1 pandan leaf⁣
1 cup granulated sugar (depends on your sweet taste)⁣

Ingredients for coconut coating⁣
1/2 grated white coconut seeds⁣
½ teaspoon of salt⁣

How to cook⁣
1. Prepare a pot/pan, add water, sugar, rose syrup essence and pandan leaves. Let it boil.⁣
2. After the sago is washed clean, put it in boiling water. Cook until the sago is fluffy. Here are the sago details that are still white. Turn off the heat.⁣
3. Prepare a mold (if any) or even tin.⁣
4. Spoon the sago cake batter into a mold or baking sheet (9-inch baking pan).⁣
5. Then heat the steamer and steam the sago cake for about 15 minutes or until the white color on the sago disappears. Lift and cool.⁣
6. Steam the grated coconut for a while and then season with a little salt.⁣
7. Sago cake that has cooled earlier, remove from the mold or cut into small pieces using a baking sheet.⁣
8. Coat with salted grated coconut.⁣
9. The result is sago cake that is soft but chewy, and it tastes really good.⁣


2 cawan sagu⁣
4 cawan air⁣
1 sudu besar pati sirap ros⁣
1 helai daun pandan⁣
1 cawan gula pasir (ikut kemanisan sendiri)⁣

Bahan-bahan untuk salutan kelapa⁣
1/2 biji kelapa parut putih⁣
½ sudu kecil garam⁣


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