Located just a little further from Jonker street, lies the ‘Floating Mosque” in Pulau Melaka. It was constructed with a mixture of Malay and Middle Eastern craftsmanship.

It still operates as a worship place for Muslims, but locals and tourists love coming here to appreciate the architecture.

Melaka Straits Mosque is also famous for the place to enjoy breath-taking sunsets. It is a popular spot for fellow Instagrammers!

Do dress decently ahead of time to respect the people who are praying and avoid talking loudly or being rowdy as there will be regular prayers for the Muslims from time to time. Appropriate clothes will be provided outside of the mosque for those who wish to cover up.

Operation Hour : Open 05:00 am – 12:00 am (Monday-Sunday).

Address : Melaka Straits Mosque, Jalan Pulau Melaka 8, 75000 Melaka.