Melaka is well known for its unique history. In the 14th century, Melaka was an incredible place where everyone from all over the world would stop and trade before moving on. This is because at that time Melaka was not only the administrative center of the government but also as a center of trade, and the main port center where the port was protected from the threat of the Southwest Monsoon and also the Northeast Monsoon. During these seasons, Traders from Java, Arabia, China and others were allowed to take refuge in Melaka while waiting for the weather to return to normal before sailing again. Apart from that, the economy in the state of Melaka at that time was also flourishing because many traders chose to anchor in Melaka. This made Melaka a glorious kingdom at that time.

Melaka is now a state full of historical relics, artifacts, and modern attractions that make Melaka a popular destination for local and international tourists. Melaka is also the main destination of choice for the residents of the Capital who are looking for a short vacation to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city for a while.