Pandan Leaves-01

Pandan leaves come from fragrant plants that belong to the Pandanaceae family. Other names for pandan leaves are Pandanus Amaryllifolius, Pandanus Odoratissimus, Pandanus Latifolius, and Pandanus Veitchii.

Pandan leaves are long, tapered, and green in color. Fresh Pandan leaves taste as sweet as vanilla or milk compared to dried pandan leaves that have no flavour.

Pandan leaves play an important part in giving flavors and colors to daily cooking. Juices from fresh pandan leaves can be used as natural food coloring for traditional snacks such as onde-onde, seri muka, and pandan chiffon cake.

Pandan leaves are also used as a wrap for traditional food (nasi lemak), side dishes (meat, chicken, or fish) before being roasted or steamed.

Other than that, pandan leaves act as natural air fresheners. Blades of pandan leaves are often tied up and left in cars, to ensure the car is always fresh.