Viver-get-Viver or Viver-get-Merchant

Both you and your lucky friend or your favorite store can earn either

Cash Vouchers or Tokens

or both.

Earn BOTH Cash Voucher or Tokens when you refer a friend within 45 days from your first pass activation.

*Cash Voucher is worth 10% of the Price of the Pass Purchased. Value may vary according to the price of the Pass purchased by referee at the time.

**One (1) Cash Voucher worth RM10.00 will be recorded in Viver’s account weekly for 5 weeks from the date the Merchant account is created.


Step 1

Viver (Referrer) tap on

Me > Refer a Friend.

Step 2

Viver shares Referral Code to a lucky friend:

Tap copy and send to anyone you want.


Tap Refer Now.

Step 3

The friends will click on the “Buy Pass”.

Step 4

The friend enters the Referral Code and taps on Apply. The additional reward will be displayed.

Selects a Pass he or she desires.

Tap on Buy.

Step 5

Proceed with making payment.

Follow instructions on payment gateway.

Step 6

Voila! Both Referrer and Referee are rewarded!

You may check your Token balance on the Home or Me page.

For Cash Vouchers, you may check-in

Me > Vouchers.