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The food that people crave when visiting Melaka is satay. Satay actually comes from Java, Indonesia. But now satay is popular in other Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, and Thailand.

Satay is a piece of meat that is pricked with a wooden skewer and then roasted over burning charcoal.

The Satay that people commonly eat is beef and chicken satay but several other types of satay are also sold including venison, rabbit, or fish, as well as gizzard, liver, and other variations.

Satay is usually served together with ketupat, red onion, and cucumber. This is because most Malaysians do not eat meat alone.

Why do they often serve satay with cucumbers and onions you ask? The main purpose of cucumbers and onions is to neutralize the carbon levels in satay because the warming effect from the satay has high carbon content.